‘Good, better, Beens’

A friend at school, whose father was a pigeon fancier, awakened his brother Gerrit-Jan’s interest in pigeons. This twelve-year-old boy built his first pigeon loft behind his parents’ house and kept it there until he got married and left the parental house. By the way Gerrit-Jan still races pigeons. In the meantime, Arjan had already done some manual labor in the pigeon loft of his brother… father Jan also showed an interest in the pigeon hobby… and when Gerrit-Jan left his winged friends, the pressing question was… “Who’s going to care for these pigeons now?” Arjan volunteered… he has been playing independently in the lofts behind his parents home since 1994… and he still lives in his parents home.

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When Arjan Beens wanted to focus entirely on the extreme long distance races, he went in search of the best long distance pigeons that could be found in the Netherlands. He bought the best, nothing was good enough. He would rather buy a child from the best pigeon of a certain fancier than, for example, four grandchildren.

He once said: ‘It is better to buy 1 pigeon for €1,000 from a topper than 10 slightly lesser pigeons for €100.’ He obtained good pigeons from the direct line of ‘Sarina’ of the Hagens Brothers (‘Sarina’ x her own father). The first national Perpignan (‘Dinie’) is a direct descendant of this. But also an Inbred product of ‘De Kweker 42’ has also produced good descendants, such as ‘Blue.’ The Hagens pigeons are red and that also applies to many pigeons from the Limburg Brothers. In addition, he bred his topper ‘Rika’ from a Jelle Jellema pigeon. The very best breeding hen in his loft. And the pigeons from the First Prize Pigeons breeding center have also been a very good contribution to the loft.

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